In the context of its efforts for the community’s qualitative upgrade and its conversion into a modern and anthropocentric community, the Community Council of Kato Moni has already completed several infrastructure and beautification projects that aim to upgrade the inhabitants’ was of living.

Below we mention some of the projects that have been completed:

  • Reparation of the elementary school and construction of a new classroom.
  • Maintenance of the church of the Saviour’s Transfiguration and modulation of its yard.
  • Construction of a stone-built structure in the central street that crosses through the community.
  • Naming and numbering of all of the community’s streets.
  • Reparation of the rural streets.
  • Reconditioning of the old fountain and of its plaza, both being at the village’s centre. The plaza will    be paved and benches and lighting will be installed.